attached document has the multiple choice questions – 25 totalSociology in Our Times: The EssentialsDiana Kendall, 2018CengageISBN.13: 978-1-337-10965-9GED216 Rev. 11/2019
Unit Exam 3
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1. Patrick, an 11-year-old white American, along with his white friends, constantly makes fun of his
African American peers and calls them derogatory names. Klein, a symbolic interactionist, is likely to
say that Patrick’s behavior stems from __________.
a. his imitation of the behavior of his parents and peers
b. his authoritarian personality
c. his frustration in his efforts to achieve a highly desired goal
d. his observation of the xenocentrism prevalent in society
2. Some people may appear to be female on the outside at birth but have mostly male-type anatomy on
the inside, or they may be born with genitals that appear to be in between the usual male and female
types. Such people are referred to as __________.
a. cisgender people
b. bisexual people
c. asexual people
d. intersex people
3. In __________, a steady source of food becomes available. People grow their own food using simple
hand tools, such as the hoe.
a. horticultural societies
b. agrarian societies
c. industrial societies
d. pastoral societies
4. __________ is the concurrent marriage of one man with two or more women.
a. Exogamy
b. Polyandry
c. Homogamy
d. Polygyny
5. Education keeps students off the streets and out of the full-time job market for a number of years,
thus keeping levels of unemployment within reasonable bounds. This exemplifies how education
serves the latent function of __________.
a. restricting some activities
b. socialization
c. creating a generation gap
d. social placement
6. Conflict theorists argue that access to quality education is closely related to social class. In this
context, schools with many lower-class students differ from schools with middle-class students in that
the former have curricula that emphasize __________.
a. procedures and rote memorization
b. decision making and choice
c. creative activities
d. critical-thinking skills
7. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the functionalist perspective on the family as a
social institution?
a. Families are economic production units in preindustrial societies.
b. Interactions within families create a shared reality.
c. Family problems reflect social patterns of dominance and subordination.
d. Families are diverse and fragmented in postmodern societies.
8. In the context of the functionalist perspective on religion, which of the following statements is TRUE
of civil religion in the United States?
a. Civil religion is tied to the most popular religious group in a society.
b. The U.S. social stratification system is an example of the nation’s civil religion.
c. The U.S. flag is the primary sacred object of the nation’s civil religion.
d. Civil religion is the formal relationship between religion and state.
9. The functionalist perspective on religion finds its roots in the works of __________, who emphasized
that religion is essential to the maintenance of society and suggested that religion is a cultural
universal found in all societies because it meets basic human needs and serves important societal
a. Emile Durkheim
b. Max Weber
c. Talcott Parsons
d. Robert Merton
10. Which of the following is a similarity between religion and education?
a. both impart values, beliefs, and knowledge considered essential to the social reproduction of
individual personalities.
b. both are considered necessary for social cohesion by conflict theorists.
c. both are social institutions that have become almost nonexistent in the United States because of
the rise of fundamentalism.
d. both are considered perpetuators of class, racialûethnic, and gender inequalities by functionalists.
11. Children in single-parent households are at a greater risk of lower standards of living primarily
because of __________.
a. lack of attention
b. lower moral standards that are held by single parents
c. lack of role models and a positive reference group
d. having fewer economic resources than two-parent households
12. A(n) __________ is one in which factory or mechanized production has replaced agriculture as the
major form of economic activity.
a. foraging society
b. industrial society
c. pastoral society
d. horticultural society
13. Samir pursued a law course at college and graduated at the top of his class with exceptional
credentials. As a result, he got placed in a prestigious law firm. In this scenario, education served
the manifest function of __________.
a. creating a generation gap
b. change and innovation
c. secularization
d. social placement
14. Which of the following statements is TRUE of Puerto Rican Americans in the United States?
a. About 50 percent of Puerto Rican Americans live in poverty.
b. Puerto Rican Americans have higher levels of educational attainment than the Hispanic population
c. About 67 percent of Puerto Rican Americans are homeowners.
d. Puerto Rican Americans are the largest segment of the Latino/a population in the United States.
15. Members of white supremacy groups in a European country blame members of minority groups
such as Muslims and African Americans for the housing shortage in the country. Although these
minority groups have no control over this societal problem, they are unable to offer resistance to the
hostility of the supremacists. In the context of the frustration/aggression hypothesis, the minority
group members can be called __________.
a. racists
b. prejudiced discriminators
c. scapegoats
d. ethnocentrists
16. In the United States, indigenous groups lost property, political rights, aspects of their culture, and
often their lives because of invasion by Euro-Americans and others. The capitalist class acquired
cheap labor and land through this government-sanctioned racial exploitation. The effects of this
__________ are reflected today in the number of Native Americans who live on government
a. ethnic pluralism
b. structural assimilation
c. internal colonialism
d. racial accommodation
17. Critics of ability grouping are often in favor of __________, wherein students are deliberately placed
in classes of mixed ability to improve their academic performance and test scores.
a. nepotism
b. labeling
c. credentialism
d. detracking
18. Which of the following is a difference between churches and denominations?
a. Denominations are bureaucratic organizations with a hierarchical structure, whereas churches
have a flat organizational structure.
b. Churches seek to maintain some degree of control over the larger society, whereas
denominations frequently lack the ability or intention to dominate society.
c. Denominations use formalized prayers, whereas churches use informal prayers that are
composed at the time they are given.
d. Churches primarily appeal to the middle and upper-middle classes, whereas denominations focus
on the upper classes.
19. Identify an accurate statement about an egalitarian family.
a. The egalitarian family is a family structure in which all family members share power and authority
b. Scholars have found no historical evidence to indicate that true egalitarian family structures ever
c. Scholars have found that egalitarian family structures were most prevalent in the preindustrial era.
d. The egalitarian family is a family structure in which both partners share power and authority
20. In analyzing the values and functions of education, sociologists using a functionalist framework
distinguish between manifest and latent functions. Which of the following is a manifest function of
a. providing child care
b. transmitting culture
c. matchmaking
d. creating a generation gap
21. In MOST hunting and gathering societies, __________.
a. men are dominant because they have the ability to provide all the food necessary for survival
b. women are forbidden from hunting when wild game is nearby
c. relationships between women and men tend to be cooperative and relatively egalitarian
d. women control the food surplus
22. Conflict theorists criticize __________, which refers to the practice of assigning students to specific
curriculum groups and courses on the basis of their test scores, previous grades, or other criteria.
a. mentoring
b. structural assimilation
c. tracking
d. ethnic pluralism
23. The term __________ refers to policies or procedures that are intended to promote equal
opportunity for categories of people who have been previously excluded from equality in education,
employment, and other fields on the basis of characteristics such as race or ethnicity.
a. ethnocentrism
b. affirmative action
c. deregulation
d. reverse discrimination
24. One example that supports the postmodern perspective on the family is that __________.
a. people are returning to embrace the idea of romantic and forever love
b. concern about the future of marriage is resulting in stronger commitments
c. individuals agree to have sexual relations without the intention of marrying
d. single motherhood has strengthened the belief in maternal love
25. Each of the following is an example of a secondary sex characteristic in women EXCEPT:
a. enlarged breasts
b. wider hips
c. menstruation
d. the vagina

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