Evaluate the approaches management used throughout resolving this issue based on the motivational theories and leadership behavior models in order to determine if they were successful in providing the most significant impact on organizational effectiveness. Why or why not?
Evaluate whether the organization was effective at resolving the issue while maintaining its vision, mission, and goals.

I have attached the 3 draft projects to this assignment. Please use them as you put together the final paper. I added the rubric so you can follow the guideline. It is a 8-9 page.
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The MLB Vision, Mission, and Goals

Antonio McClan
Management of Sports 600 x2543

The MLB Vision, Mission, and Goals

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the oldest governing bodies for the profession of baseball in the United States of America. It is among the four oldest base bases ball sports that operate in two countries in Canada and the United States of America. The organization is vital since it manages one team in Canada, while 29 teams are managed in the United States. MLB has the mandate to operate in North America; however, it has the responsibility managing the world bases ball classic tournaments (MLB, 2022). Major League Baseball was established in 1903, 2han the national leagues and the American leagues were established. Therefore, leading to the creation of the world series, which was a match between the winner of the two leagues, most of the members of MLB are from the United States.
The organization’s vision believe that the traditions of baseball reflect values in society that are of the highest standards. Our association is dedicated to protecting the dignity of the game through former major league players (MLB, 2022). We achieve our beliefs by demonstrating through our leadership our commitment to preserving core human values, promoting a passion for the game of baseball, globally showcasing its values, heritage, and heroes, and by serving the unique needs of players

Their organization’s mission is to achieve our beliefs by demonstrating through our leadership our commitment to preserving core human values, promoting a passion for the game of baseball, globally showcasing its values, heritage, and heroes, and by serving the unique needs of players.

The role and power of the governing body’s impact on the effectiveness of the MLB which governed by the major league baseball constitution. Their constitution of the MLB has undergone different reforms since it was created in 1879.

Under the direction of the commissioner of baseball, the MLB management is appointed to hire the negotiators, marketing, television contract and labor.

The organizational structure of the MLB is governed by the constitution that has been revised since the organization was established with the recent amendment in 2012. Under the authority of the executive. The governing board is made up of six members that are considered to help govern the vast coverage by the MLB. Some of the key divisions in the group include baseball development, administration, human resource, and business. The organization also has a multimedia whose key role is to oversee the website of all the teams participating in the league.

The management has been effective since it has played a vital role in formulating rules to be followed by the team, and all are the ones in charge of disciplinary act2

MLB Collective Bargaining

Antonio McClan
Mgmt of Sport Organizations

MLB Collective Bargaining

Rob Manfred implemented the lockout as an approach to making leverage during the negotiation between the club owner and the player union. The move greatly impacted the season since it contributed to some of the players not being signed by the team, meaning at the end of the negotiations period. The lockout means any of the big league players can not sign that player.

Explain what issues specific to labor management and collective bargaining arose as a result of this issue.

On February 14, 2022, major league baseball provided the club owner and the M LB player associations with a new proposal that made a minimum of two elements of the deal. Therefore, making an additional $2 million in a year to completitive balance tax threshod in 2024, 2025, and 2026 provides them with two options regarding the minimum salary and increasing the bonus pool for the pre-arbition of the MLB player from $10 -$ 15 million (Espn, 2022). Therefore, providing the opportunity for the team to earn two draft picks by signing high-achieving players.

Analyze whether the union and/or exclusive bargaining representatives related to the sports organization were effective in representing employees within the organization in relation to the issue.

The MLB gave the player union adrenaline that would make them accept their option in regard to the new proposal meant to reinstate the 162 games, including their full pay. The negation was conducted through zoom calls.

Based on the outcome of the organization’s decision and solution, determine if all key stakeholders’ needs were effectively met with regard to labor management and collective bargaining.

The MLB had a conference call involving over 30 club owners, therefore, Making an agreement to increase the luxury tax, which had been considered a key obstacle during the negotiation process. The receiving of approval for the ratification of the over 228 million level. MLB was also rented on seeking the postponement of over 14 teams, therefore agreeing to expand to 12 teams that the union had proposed.

Determine which organization applied motivational theory or theories and leadership behavior model(s) in addressing the potential labor concerns. Provide examples to support your response.

The behavioral leadership theory focuses on how organizational leaders behave at the same assuming that other leaders can copy the leadership trait. The theory is sometimes referred to as the style theory. It, therefore, suggests that organizational leaders are not born as successful. However, successful leaders can be created based on their learning capabilities. The player and club owners’ lockout contributed to the season’s delay (Nightengale, 2022). Therefore the team owners, player union, and MLB needed to have an effective understanding by meeting to discuss issues affecting each party. Theref7-1 Third and Final Milestone

Antonio McClan
SPT-600-X2543 Mgmt of Sport Organizations 22TW2


How the organization’s management handled the issue and the factors they considered in attempting to resolve the issue

The lockout was over, and baseball resumed after the players and owners agreed on some major points of the new collective bargaining agreement. The management of the MLB decided to agree with the MLB Players Association to end the first work stoppage this sport has had in the last 26 years. The common factors considered during this agreement were the resumption of free agency and the rest of the transactions that included trades. Other factors considered were to have a full 162 games scheduled, with some games rescheduled and the season planned to begin later (Kullgren, 2022). The other factor was the training time, and in this case, an agreement was reached to have the spring training take a shorter time and avoid causing more damage to the sport with a prolonged in-season work stoppage.

Different Decision-Making Models That the Management Could Potentially utilize to Address the Issue

The first decision-making model is the rational model. This model is important since it allows the management to follow a sequence of steps to find the solution to the issue. It enables the organization to start by defining the issue and identifying the criteria to adopt in brainstorming the potential interventions. The thing is deciding on how every criterion is and developing a list of potential alternatives (Zhang et al., 2020). The other model is bounded rationality; in this case, the management tries to find something feasible enough to help address the issue. It helps the organization do all the best it can and dissect every possible solution.

The decision-making model that will be most important or appropriate to resolve the issue

The rational model is the most appropriate one to be adopted by the organization to address the issue. The mode helps the organization manage risks, reduce uncertainty, and allow the management to find interventions to the issue (Kullgren, 2022). For example, the management begins by defining the issue and later identifies the criteria for brainstorming potential solutions.

Whether the organization utilized the most appropriate decision-making model to resolve the problem

The decision-making of the organization was to accept the agreement with the MLBPA. This followed serious discussion and understanding of the issue that emerged that resulted in the lockout. The organization took serious steps toward defining the issues and finding potential solutions to the identified problem. Through collaboration between the MLB owners and MLBPA, both parties agreed to address some of the problems that affected the collective bargaining agreement (Kullgren, 2022). For example, spring training, free agency, sports transactions, and trades were issues. Through adoptiSPT 600 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

For the final project in this course, you will apply concepts, models, and styles covered in the course to a real-world sport organization. You will create a report to
management in which you will evaluate the organization’s performance and effectiveness in achieving its goals while maintaining its vision and mission. The
project is divided into three milestones, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final
submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Three, Five, and Seven. The final product will be submitted in Module Nine.

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

 Evaluate sport organizations for their effectiveness in resolving issues while maintaining their visions, missions, and goals

 Identify issues germane to collective bargaining and labor management for determining solutions that appease stakeholders

 Analyze organizational models and managerial functions for their impact in achieving sport organizational goals

 Assess decision-making styles for determining the most effective practices in a sport organization

 Determine which motivational theories and models of leadership behavior provide the most significant impact on organizational effectiveness of sports

Imagine yourself as an advisor to an upper-level manager of a sport organization. You have been asked to create a report to the management of the organization
in which you evaluate the organization’s effectiveness at resolving an issue while maintaining its vision and mission and working toward its goals. You will
investigate how the issue affected the organization and how the organization responded to the issue and dealt with any changes from or consequences of its

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in your report:

I. Overview: Select an issue from the list provided in the Module One discussion and one real sport organization that has faced the issue.
A. Provide an overview of the issue and sport organization you selected.
B. Explain how the issue has affected the sport organization.

II. Organization
A. Describe the organization’s vision, mission, and goals, including how this organization has historically been successful with modeling these

behaviors and achieving its goals.
B. Explain the role and power of the governing body’s impact on the effectiveness of the organization. Use examples to support your response.
C. Illustrate with examples how the governing body within the organization has been effective in achieving goals and also how the governing body

has been ineffective in supporting the organization.
D. Explain how the organization’s management addressed the issue, including what factors they took into consideration when attempting to

resolve it.

III. Evaluate the Appr

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