Write an evaluation essay 
my idea is about the paper newspaper and online newspaper..Check Sheet for the Evaluation Essay
Teacher’s NAME spelled correctly
Student’s name spelled correctly
Does the TITLE of the essay SAY something interesting
Are all paragraphs correctly INDENTED (one tab)
Is the essay in 12-point, Times New Roman font
Have you used the American Word software
Is the PRINT dark and legible
Is the essay DOUBLE-SPACED
o Upload your essay to Turnitin and to Grammarly.
o In Evaluation, have you taken a clear position for or against
o Have you made your Criteria (standards of judgment) clear?
o Does the INTRODUCTION try to capture the reader’s attention—
typically, a story about real people or a real experience is an effective
attention getter
o Is the THESIS sentence profoundly clear
o Is the thesis sentence followed by a FORECASTING
STATEMENT or ROADMAP that contains the essay’s main
o Does each body paragraph start with a TOPIC SENTENCE?
o Is there a TRANSITION sentence between each body paragraph?
o Does each body paragraph contain at least one DIRECT
o Are quotations correctly CITED: “The quick brown fox jumped over
the lazy dogs” (King 27).
o Does the essay contain at least one BLOCK QUOTATION (indented
one tab on the left)
o Does the CONCLUSION restate the thesis sentence
o Does the conclusion also summarize the essay’s MAIN POINTS
o Does the essay try to end with a thought-provoking idea
o Have you been sure to CITE all information you borrowed from
another source?
o Have you used at least THREE sources?
o Are the entries on the WORKS CITED page in alphabetical order
(easybib.com or citationmachine.net can help).
o Is your essay in MLA documentation format?
o Microsoft Word has an MLA citation maker under the Reference tab.
Easy tool to use.
As I outlined in class on Monday–I want you to underline or highlight the following items
in your Evaluation essay:
1) the essay Roadmap (this contains your Criteria).
2) Paragraph transition sentences (a+b=c)
3) Signal phrases before each direct quotation or block quote.
Also, remember to consult the Evaluation Check-sheet that is available in an earlier
Announcement. Mr. O.
Vo 1
Trang Vo
Michael Orlofsky
26th February 2020
Mapping a Digital Experience
Start with a little story about you checking the weather(something like my experience).
Keeping informed with the latest information regarding current events and trends is something
that anyone and everyone hold dear in the contemporary society. This need comes from basic
things like knowing about the weather conditions of the day to more critical ones like security,
among others. The main question, therefore, is what is the most reliable source for getting these
kinds of information? In this case, two options immediately emerge as the possible solutions for
this need—print newspapers and online newspapers. Although both of these two options have
their advantages and disadvantages, online newspapers emerge as the most convenient and
reliable option for keeping updated. This paper, therefore, proves this thesis by evaluating the
advantages and disadvantages of both the print newspapers and online newspapers. Specifically,
the paper analyzes the availability and ease of access, reliability, and convenience.
Print newspapers have existed in the society for ages and are generally known for
providing local information. People in society are often more concerned with local news that
happen within their areas and will, therefore, “require an option that provides them with more
local news events than national or international occurrence” (Thurman and Fletcher 1010). This
preference pits print newspapers as more advantageous because they always concentrate on
informing the communities about day-to-day activities that may interest the readers. For instance,
the items can have “coupons and advertisements for stores having sales within a certain region”
Vo 2
(Wadbring and Bergström 180). Secondly, some people find print media advantageous because
they make the levels of importance of each news item obvious. This distinction helps the readers
to quickly move to through the items since they know the sections to give much attention.
However, despite the advantages mentioned above(my teacher need to list the thing
above), print newspapers have also registered a fair share of demerits. The primary disadvantage
of print newspapers is that they come at a cost. Anyone who wants a copy must purchase from
the vendors, which means that the more copies you need, the more money you spend. According
to some authors, “the cost of newspapers hinders people from getting diverse information, which
may then subject the readers to one company’s biases”( Wadbring and Bergström 185). Another
major disadvantage of print newspapers is that they require the reader to scan their entire content
carefully to get their desired information. This situation usually feels both tiresome and timeconsuming, more so for those seeking specific information from the prints (Chyi and Tenenboim
992). Finally, print newspapers are bulky because the readers need a new copy everyday to keep
On the other hand, online newspapers have also presented many merits(what is the
merists is?). First, they are easily available and accessible. One study shows that, “All a person
needs to do to get information on current events is to search the key words on any search engine
and different varieties of online newspapers will pop up” (von Krogh and Anderson 1060).
Therefore, online newspapers help readers to avoid both personal bias and media bias because it
allows them to get the same article from different sources. For instance, a reader can get news
items on a topic from online newspapers posted by The Guardian, New York Times, among many
other online options. Secondly, although some online newspapers demand subscription for future
articles after accessing a specific number freely, most of the online newspapers typically provide
Vo 3
the information for free. Additionally, even those that demand subscription fees usually charge
lower rates than the print newspapers, thus making readers to prefer online newspapers over print
In a world that is rapidly digitizing, what most people ask is why should I pay for a
service, yet I can get a more convenient, accessible, and reliable option for free? This fact
has led to the rapid decline of the print newspapers. (Mierzejewska, et al. 20)
Another significant advantage of online newspapers is that unlike the print newspapers
which cannot be edited or updated once produced and distributed, the former usually experience
frequent updates. Many media stations have mastered the art of wanting to become the first to
present latest news to general public. Therefore, “they always ensure that each item posted on
their timelines is the latest version of the issues being addressed” (Mierzejewska, et al. 20). This
culture benefits the society because the readers keep alert and informed. Finally, online
newspapers are interactive (Chyi and Tenenboim 990). The websites allow readers to comment
on posts, thus getting insightful criticisms and feedbacks that help them improve their services.
As earlier mentioned, even the online newspapers have some demerits, such as .
However, these demerits mainly regard operation and maneuvering the online newspapers. For
example, some critics state that “the platforms usually have many adverts that may distract the
readers from getting the information they seek” (Thurman and Fletcher 1010). Others also claim
that some of the videos and audios put on an auto-play mode at the sites may be distracting,
while others mention the need for scrolling up and down as a challenge. However, these are all
challenges that can be easily overcome since the adverts and auto-play videos always have an
Vo 4
option to skip or delete. Plus, like the print newspapers, these are the items that help the online
newspapers to earn income and keep providing their services.
It is evident from the discussion above that although both the print newspapers and online
newspapers have their advantages and disadvantages, online newspapers emerge as the most
convenient and reliable option for keeping updated. The discussion has revealed that online
newspapers are readily available and easily accessible, interactive, frequently updated, and are
either free or come at relatively lower costs than print newspapers. Additionally, the cited
disadvantages mainly regard the incoming-generating strategies that the online newspaper
owners use in those platforms. On the other hand, the print media have proven to be costly,
bulky, and time-consuming despite presenting other advantages like availing local news and
distinguishing sections in their order of significance. These factors, therefore, prove that online
newspapers are the most convenient and reliable option for keeping updated.
Vo 5
Works Cited
Chyi, Hsiang Iris, and Ori Tenenboim. “From Analog Dollars to Digital Dimes: A Look into the
Performance of US Newspapers.” Journalism Practice 13.8 (2019): 988-992. URL
address.(if it from the website)
Mierzejewska, Bozena I., et al. “Evaluating Strategic Approaches to competitive displacement:
The case of the US newspaper industry.” Journal of Media Economics 30.1 (2017): 1930.
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The Case of the Swedish local morning paper VLT and online news site vlt. se.” Digital
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Wadbring, Ingela, and Annika Bergström. “A Print crisis or a local crisis? Local news use over
three decades.” Journalism Studies 18.2 (2017): 175-190.

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