Hotel Strategic Marketing & Brand Management
Week 9 Assignment
Marketing Communications Strategy Project
This project builds on your previous work in the Brand Analysis papers. As an employee of the hotel
brand, the Director of Marketing has assigned you the task of developing new marketing
communications for a target market at a specific hotel for the upcoming year. Please choose an existing
hotel in the brand and a market that the hotel pursues, based on your research. To ensure sufficient
information is available, please select a hotel located in the United States for this assignment. This
project has two parts: a paper and a presentation. This document includes guidelines for both parts of
the project.
Part 1: Paper
Please follow the specific instructions below. Use the subject headings below as your headings, but do
not copy and paste the instructions. Do not number sections, use sub headings instead. Use MLA
format, including in-text citations.
Existing Marketing Communications
1. Please provide a description of the hotel and area that you have chosen. The description should
include, but is not limited to:
• physical address
• website address
• social media platforms
• key industries and major area corporations or employers
• transportation centers
• tourist attractions, special events, and local history
2. Describe all of the different marketing communications methods that this hotel currently uses.
For each method, provide details and examples, and identify the type (advertising, direct
response, sales promotion, online marketing, event/experience marketing, mobile marketing).
New Marketing Communications
3. Please select and describe the target market that you will focus on in this section. Include
reasons why you chose this market with supporting materials such as statistics, charts, graphs,
or interview quotes. Do you want business from this target market year-round, during peak
season, or during slow season? Please identify the target market. Is it meeting business,
accommodations, or both, or other (golf, tennis, athletic club, etc)?
4. Create three new marketing communications methods, as described below, for the chosen hotel
and market. These methods should reflect and round out the brand’s Integrated Marketing
Communications (IMC) strategy.
a. Experience Marketing: Design an experience marketing campaign for your market (review
Chapter 5 for ideas). Describe it in detail. Also explain what your brand resonance goal is for
the target market (Chapter 3).
Developed by Prof. Katie Davin
Hotel Strategic Marketing & Brand Management
Week 9 Assignment
b. Secondary Brand Association: Design a new secondary brand association (Review Chapter 7
for ideas). I’m not giving you a budget limit, so be bold! Describe it in detail, and explain how
you will communicate the association to your customers. Also explain what your brand
resonance goal is.
5. Your Choice: Design another marketing communication method for your brand. Identify the type
(advertising, sales promotion, or one of the others). Describe it in detail, and explain why your
idea is a strong addition to the company’s IMC and how it will build brand equity. Also explain
what your brand resonance goal is for the target market.
Works Cited
Please use MLA format for your Works Cited page. For every work cited citation there needs to be
corresponding in-text citations throughout your paper.
Part 2: Presentation
For the second part of the project, you will create a presentation that introduces and describes your
brand to your classmates. Your presentation should draw on specific parts of your three written papers
about the brand (the two Brand Analysis Papers and the Marketing Communications Strategy Paper).
Assume that the class knows little or nothing about the brand (even if a classmate is presenting on the
same brand). Your presentation should be 4 to 8 minutes in length. Use PowerPoint or another
presentation software to provide visual aids. Your presentation should include at least 5 slides but no
more than 12 slides. Please dress in business casual or business attire for your presentation.
Your presentation should include the following:

Brand Description. Give a brief description of the brand, including the brand position, main
target market(s), and geographic location of the properties.
Existing Marketing Communications. Describe two of the marketing communications methods
that the brand currently uses and identify the type for each one.
New Marketing Communications. Describe two of the new marketing communications ideas
that you created for your Marketing Communications Strategy Paper. For each one, identify the
type and target market.
Brand Future. What is your opinion about the brand’s future? Support your opinion with
research from your SWOT analysis (but please don’t present your entire SWOT).
Developed by Prof. Katie Davin
Liu/Yang 1
Marketing Communications Strategy Project
Rosewood Sand Hill began its operations in 2009. The hotel is situated within Menlo
Park, California in the United States Following its marketing communication strategies by its
marketing team, the hotel became the most prominent destination within Menlo Park particularly
for the Bay Area executives, visitors, residents, and entrepreneurs. The hotel operates as one of
the most stylistic hotels and meeting areas within Silicon Valley. From this perspective, the hotel
offers its clients experience similar to that of a resort next to the Stanford University campus
high-tech hub as well as some of the state’s high-end private equity and venture capital
investments. This paper establishes the current marketing communication approaches while
determining new communication strategies for a new market.
Existing Marketing Communications
As highlighted above, the Rosewood Sandhill locates at Menlo Park, California in the
United States. Currently, the hotel conducts its activities using online platforms as well as
physical contacts. It is noteworthy that every institution is making all the efforts to leverage
technology. In light of this, Rosewood Sand Hill runs a website and a range of social media
platforms as demonstrated below
Website: https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/sand-hill-menlo-park/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rwsandhill
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RosewoodSandHill/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rosewoodhotels/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/rosewoodsandhill
Liu/Yang 2
Marketed as one of its kind, Rosewood Sand Hill employs various strategies to market its
services and products. For instance, the hotel markets use its location, interior, and exterior
appearance as well as the quality of services among other strategies. The hotel offers stylish and
comfortable retreats. Its insides are the classic Northern California that combines the tradition
and European elegance with the characteristically spontaneous but complex vibe of the West
Coast. While combining with the outdoors, the latter introduces a warmth of California’s light
pointed to the color palette. According to www.rosewoodhotels.com the cedar, cherry and wood
tones of walnut complements the soothing central hues when connected logically to the furniture
details and architectural details. The hotel has large windows that permit sufficient natural light.
Besides, the sweeping terraces within the hotel grounds and leading to the flowering gardens
attracts the hotel guests making them to not only explore but also experience the nature just at
the doorstep.
Another element that highly attracts the tourists to the hotel is the art collection that
consists of fine art prints, contemporary paintings, and works on papers as well as the
photography that has specially commissioned and various large-scale pieces that demonstrate the
area’s natural beauty and spectacular landscape. Throughout Sand Hill hotel’s public places and
rooms, guests experience and enjoy the artwork that improves its luxuriously welcoming
environment in addition to the different sensibilities of the region around Northern California.
For all kinds of guests including business and leisure guests, Rosewood Sand Hill
provides a series of experiences. Some of the services that the hotel offers as a way of attracting
the guests include 24-hour-in-room dining, valet parking, concierge services and at least two
times housekeeping and nightly turndowns. Also, the luxurious hotel offers complimentary
overnight shoe shining procedures and private car services within at least five miles. Also, the
Liu/Yang 3
hotel provides a range of amenities including hot tubs and heated outdoor pools, golfing, hiking,
cycling, and horseback riding. Business center services such as WIFI access and high-speed
wired internet. While a list of the amenities for the guest is too big, it is good not to leave out the
fitness center, spa boutique, chases salon, and motion studio. Rosewood Sand Hill also
organizes meetings and meetings and wedding facilities. All these amenities attract guests for
varied reasons. Some of the nearby attractions include the Stanford Theatre, Cantor Arts Center
and Stanford University.
For many years, the hotel has been using marketing communication strategies such as
public relations, product launch, customer relationships, and sales as well as advertising. While
focusing on public relations, the firm uses advertisements on both print and electronic media
(Hasan & Mahamudul 5). Also, the firm considers customer relationships as a critical avenue for
communicating with the customers. In this sense, Rosewood Sand Hill forms a customer
relations department to ensure that all the customer suggestions and complaints are considered
when providing the services to ensure that the clients are happy with the services at all times
(Desai & Juhi 9). The firm also continues to use internal marketing through customer experience
where the marketers ensure that the clients receive the required services at reasonable prices
(Keller 14). The hotel acts immediately to customer requirements.
Since its inception, Rosewood San Hill has been using traditional marketing
communications including the electronic and print media advertising methods. Also, when the
hotel launches a new menu, it invites the clients to enjoy them at lowered prices. In its effort to
take advantage of the technology, the hotel launched its website incorporated in the Rosewood
Hotels and Resorts chain website. Also, the hotel has specific social media platforms as earlier
highlighted including a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram and Pinterest, also, to live
Liu/Yang 4
charting from the website. Nonetheless, the hotel is yet to take the necessary measures to ensure
that mobile marketing works for the hotel. It is noteworthy that many businesses are using
Whatsapp application and tailor-made mobile applications to ensure that the clients get adequate
information relating to the services they require as prompt as possible.
New Marketing Communications
In the past half a decade, the sports nutrition market has registered a remarkable growth.
As such, the hospitality industry should consider taking advantage of the market. This section
recommends the Rosewood Sand Hill hotel to focus on the sports nutrition market as a new
target market. One of the reasons for choosing this market is its ability to influence other related
markets such as the sport and the sports conferencing. It is noteworthy that many sportsmen and
women are looking for ways of ensuring that they remain healthy. For this reason, the sports
nutrition market is highly likely to make individuals gather for a common course. With the
market, individuals will organize conferences to discuss the influence of eSports and healthy
eating behaviors. When such conferences occur, they will increase the hotel’s profitability,
productivity, and growth. According to research by mordorintelligence.com, the sports nutrition
market is expected to grow at a high rate of 6% between 2020 and 2025. In light of this, the
demand for supplements is growing rapidly. With the growth of the sports nutrition market, it is
apparent that the market is an all-year-round market for the hotel to provide the required
supplements and fitness facilities.
Liu/Yang 5
This market requires new marketing communication strategies. One of the strategies is
the sports sponsorships. Since its inception, Rosewood Sand Hill has not been using sports
sponsorship as a marketing strategy. In this line, the hotel will have to offer some of the
preferred supplements and drinks. While many athletes and other sportsmen and women are
preferring to maintain healthy weights, the hotel needs to acknowledge the opportunity and
provide its services to the clients. For example, the hotel can offer to sponsor the groups by
providing them with uniforms with the hotel’s name and in turn let the sportspersons hold their
conferences in the hotel. Another strategy is the use of mobile applications to introduce the
services into the market. Finally, the hotel might also use Whatsapp applications to influence the
Experience marketing campaign
The hotel will have a series of campaigns through social media and internal marketing
through the customers as well as through the hotel beverages application. At this point, the
campaign will involve a program intended for the current individuals with a passion for sports
but hindered by their weights. Also, the campaign will let all the persons with weight concerns
Liu/Yang 6
join the register for the program. The experience campaign will start by creating tickets amongst
the existing customers while inviting the new market by letting the participants determine the
reason for their interest while measuring their weights as well as indicating their intended
weights after the program. The communication will happen through social media networks and a
new webpage in the website to capture the details of the participants. Besides, the campaign
which will be dabbed “Crash the mountain with the Rosewood Sand Hill,” will continue
throughout the Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. The hotel aims at developing
a new market for frequent conferencing and making deliberations on weight matters, best meals,
and the right exercises.
Secondary brand association
As have mentioned above, the new brand association for the sports nutrition market will
be sports conferencing. It is noteworthy that sports are gaining popularity throughout the United
States and hence the need to focus on the conferencing as a hotel. From the above description,
Rosewood Sand Hill has done very little to capture the sports conferencing market. As such, the
sports nutrition market will enhance sports conferencing. First, the hotel will set aside a
sufficient budget to subsidize conference rooms to ensure that many sports groups can converge
at the premises to discuss sports matters. At the same time, the hotel will give insights into the
ongoing sports nutrition campaign to let the guests register for the program. The primary focus of
the hotel is to sell out tickets and supplements to the guests. All the participants who manage to
meet their target expectations will receive rewards from the hotel. Rewarding the participants is
also a form of corporate social responsibility that creates a good image for the hotel.
Marketing communication choice
Liu/Yang 7
From the above discussion, capturing the target market will involve public relations
through sports sponsorships and social media advertising. The Hotel will involve a team of
marketers to design uniforms for the league to sponsor. As such, the team will determine the
league with the greatest number of fans and interested participants. From a nutritional health
standpoint, sponsoring teams attracts a bigger population that can easily translate to be the target
market. While the principal market would be the persons between the ages of 18 to 40 years,
other persons with health problems can join regardless of age. For example, many people are
becoming obese and overweight; however, with the program that aims to help people manage
their health by changing eating behaviors, the market would be wider than one might expect. As
such, Rosewood Sand Hill will get an opportunity to create a new market for its foods, drinks,
and supplements as well as the conferencing.
Liu/Yang 8
Works cited
Desai, Ashit, and Juhi Shah. “Integrated Marketing Communication Then and Today-A
Hasan, Abdulla Al-Towfiq, and Mahamudul Hasan. “Secondary Brand Association Influences on
Brand Preference and Purchase Intention.” Global Media Journal 17.32 (2019): 1-6.
Keller, Kevin Lane. “Leveraging secondary associations to build brand equity: theoretical
perspectives and practical applications.” International Journal of Advertising (2020): 118.
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the www.mordorintelligence.com.United States Sports Nutrition Market – Growth, Trends, And
Forecast (2020-2025). 2019. Accessed https://www.mordorintelligence.com/industryreports/united-states-sports-nutrition-market

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