Following the instructions and the rubric you will write an analysis that applies detailed synthesis
regarding interprofessional communication and collaboration and incorporates course learning and
concepts to evaluate your chosen meeting.11

Inter-professional Meeting Analysis

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Minnesota State University, Mankato
N402-8 Psychosocial/Interprofessional Communication
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Inter-professional Meeting Analysis

Interprofessional communication is a fundamental component of teamwork. It fosters effective collaboration among members of an interprofessional client care team, hence ensuring client safety across the healthcare system. Collaboration needs the active participation of persons who share problem-solving and decision-making to accomplish a common goal (Bosch & Mansell, 2015). Collaboration is crucial for individuals with many co-morbidities. Collaboration increases the affordability, accessibility, and quality of care (Huber, 2022). Consistently successful communication demands administrative support and a collaborative effort on all parties. Interprofessional communication also entails keeping eye contact, demonstrating confidence in assertions, and providing pertinent and timely information.

Committee meeting

The Interdisciplinary discharge meeting took place at a large urban hospital. The hospital has over 600 clinical trials and over 100 specialist clinics. The facility has a total of 3,300 employees, including executives, nurses, doctors, administrators, and casual workers. Team members meet regularly to identify hurdles, discuss solutions, exchange ideas, and develop a comprehensive discharge strategy. This method is the most effective. Registered and licensed practical and occupational nurses, as well as clinical social workers and case managers, are among the health care providers on the team. For four weeks, the IDT meets Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
The team came together to develop a pilot for an enhanced intensive care unit discharge process that would alleviate stress on health care staff, patients, and families. Discharging patients safely from the hospital can be challenging for patients who are on multiple medications. They agreed that discharge preparation begins with admission. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and pharmacy technicians all collaborate to prepare patients for discharge.
The chairperson emphasized that they desired those patients remain in the hospital for as long as possible. Additionally, they emphasized the need for pharmacy. A thorough medication history that is reconciled regularly helps prevent medication errors and avoidable adverse effects. A comprehensive history and reconciliation may also reveal medication-related symptoms to the treatment team. Another objective was for CPTs to obtain complete drug histories from high-risk patients shortly after admission. Provision of this information to clinicians early in the admission process enhances outcomes.
Pharmacists on the floor will now document medication reconciliation recommendations for clinicians to consider before discharging high-risk patients. The chair insisted on a checklist for the day before discharge. The proN402 Interprofessional Meeting Analysis Rubric

The Instructions provide significant detail regarding each rubric element. Please include details required in the instruction section as part of your work for a comprehensive analysis and full points for each element addressed.





Element Partially Addressed

Element In-sufficiently Addressed

Pts Poss.

Pts Earned

Introduction and Committee information

· Introduces rationale for interprofessional collaboration and communication
· Committee/meeting Name, date, number of members
· Problem(s) addressed/focused on
· Agenda / how meeting purpose is communicated
· Minutes/ review of past minutes?


Hierarchical Structure and Disciplines represented

· Leaders titles /roles * chair, secretary, etc.
· How chosen? elected, term, etc.
· Disciplines within the committee and their specific role or expertise on the committee* should include nursing and other professions


Communication Styles within the Committee/meeting

· Should include terms and analysis based on course content and include :
Minimum : 2 citations- you may cite the text &/or other source(s)


Perceived Barriers to Communication

· Explain any barriers
· Provide suggestions to improve communication

Use course terms and learning


Behaviors demonstrated/observed

· Should include terms and analysis based on course content and include:
Minimum : 2 citations- you may cite the text &/or other source(s)


Process to move ideas forward

· Formal vs informal, consensus, voting
· Address if Additional approval outside committee


Perceived Group Stage:

· Forming, Norming, Storming, preforming, adjourning
· Should include terms and analysis based on course content and include:
Minimum : 1 citation- you may cite the text &/or other source(s)



Analysis and synthesis demonstrated and follows details from instructions:
· How to improve interprofessional collaboration within the meeting
· Insight to interprofessional collaboration with problem solving
· What surprised you the most ?
· Nursing interactions in the meeting.
· How would you demonstrate professional nursing practice standards and collaboration if you were in the meeting.
Minimum : 2 citations- you may cite the text &/or other source(s)


Summarizes analysis

· Did the meeting you attend align with course concepts of interprofessional collaboration and communication: why or why not?

Describes take away points

· Value of interprofessional teams, communication, and collaboration from this experience
Minimum : 1 citation- you may cite the text &/or other source(s)


Spelling, Grammar, APA Format

Free of spelling, typographical, & grammatical errors
Includes Contact Information form

N402 Interprofessional Meeting Analysis Instructions

Communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals are critical to delivering high quality and safe patient care (AACN, 2008, p.3)

Assignment Overview

This assignment is designed to incorporate interprofessional learning from the course to analyze an interprofessional meeting that you will attend (you may attend virtually or in person). The meeting should include nursing and multiple disciplines other than nursing and be in an preferably an area outside of your unit /floor/ current work environment ( if this is not possible it must be a committee or meeting that you do not already participate in .
Following the instructions and the rubric you will write an analysis that applies
detailed synthesis regarding interprofessional communication and collaboration and incorporates course learning and concepts to evaluate your chosen meeting.

You should include a minimum
of 8 in text citations(paraphrased) in your analysis with appropriate references. The analysis should include a title page, be written in APA 7th ed. format, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced, include a reference page and be no more than 10 pages (with title page and references included) You may use course texts and articles as your citations.

Some suggested meetings: Root Cause Analysis, Case Meetings, Dietary planning, Multitherapy meetings, Interdisciplinary discharge, or committees such as falls, infection, skin, leadership, magnate, education, or products. These are just a few examples
. Ensure you received email permission from your instructor prior to attending the meeting.

You will be required to submit a contact information form with the committee chairs contact information as part of this assignment.


For this assignment your role will be as an observer of the processes in the meeting.
For privacy please do not list facility names or members names. Example: Please use a general description of the facility: a large urban hospital that has 250 beds and employs 600 staff. Use committee members and meeting attendees’ initials and title: Dr. JR, Medical Director/meeting chair.
Concepts and items to evaluate/include in the analysis:
1. Committee Name, date of meeting, number of members, problems addressed in the committee/committee purpose: include if there is a meeting agenda and/ or how the purpose of the meeting communicated, are there minutes and if past minutes are reviewed.
2. Hierarchical structure of the committee. The leader’s role within the committee, are roles elected, term, etc.
3. Disciplines in the committee: who is in attendance and what are their roles
4. Communication styles within the committee: verbal, paraverbal, non-verbal, passive, assertive, aggressive etc.
5. Perceived Barriers to the communication within the committee with explanation.
6. Behaviors demonstrated within the committee and their impact on effeNURS 402

Interdisciplinary Assignment

Interprofessional Meeting Choice

I have chosen to attend a Patient Care Conference scheduled for Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 10 am, which will take place in the activity room of an assisted living facility where the patient resides. The meeting will include the interdisciplinary team members involved in the patient’s care, such as nursing, physician assistant, social workers, case management, mental health, hospice, and guardians, to discuss the change in the client’s care status requiring multidisciplinary interventions.

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