Here is my top five strengths 1. Restorative
2. Competition
3. Empathy
4. Woo
5. ContextWITHIN
to strive for higher levels of performance and productivity. You
are someone who grabs the attention of others and they begin to
believe that they too can achieve.
The genius of your Connectedness talent provides you with
a very unique way of seeing events, people, and the world. To
you there are no accidents. Your way of seeing events is to
recognize that everything that happens is caused by something
or someone. Likewise, what is happening right now will have a
“ripple” effect into the future. Similarly, you see people in terms
of the accumulative events and interaction that formed them and
moved them to this moment. Accordingly, this moment and the
attitudes that people take to their circumstances will form their
future. Extending this way of seeing to the world in general, you
see the past, present and future as connected and you see that
there is a “master plan” or “Master’s plan” at work at all times. Your
genius talent of Connectedness provides a way of “making sense
of the nonsense” around us and generating meaning and purpose
for yourself. When you share what you can see with the genius of
your Connectedness talent, you help others gain hope as you help
them see the past and connect the dots” of their past in a more
meaningful way. In like manner, you help people see possibilities
for the future by making choices now that build a positive future.
The genius of your Context talent is found in the way you think
about the past and use that form of thinking to learn, plan and
solve problems. The present is important to you, but in your mind,
the present is best understood by seeking to understand what has
led up to the present. Thus, your mind often
goes backwards and
looks for what has caused what we are experiencing today. This
look to the past gives great wisdom for understanding the present
and forms a basis for making informed decisions and plans in
the present and for the future. The genius of your Context way
of thinking provides you with a basis for making high quality
decisions and plans and for problem-solving. In addition, as you
apply the genius of your Context way of thinking when you learn,
you will learn with great understanding which results in high
The genius of your Deliberative talent is found in the quality of
your decisions, choices, values, and the directions you decide to
pursue. Your deliberative genius involves thinking and the fact
you will take multiple things into consideration every time
you make a decision or a plan. The genius of your Deliberative
talent allows you to look at an issue from multiple sides. You
will play the devil’s advocate” as you think through alternatives,
values, and propositions, and you will look at multiple sides as you,
are learning. You will slow down the process whenever you are
learning, planning or deciding. But this does not mean you are
“slow minded”. Quite the opposite. This is part of your genius and
results in very high quality decisions and a depth of understanding.
Your genius strength of Consistency involves both the way you
think and process information and the way you see what is fair and
equitable. Whereas others often take a long time to determine
what is fair and equitable, to you it is obvious. You can quickly
determine what should be done so that problems are solved in
ways that treat everyone in a just and equal manner. This process
of determining what is equitable often involves processing a great
deal of information. But the genius of your Consistency talent
sorts through information and comes to equitable decisions so
quickly that you may not see anything special about what you do
because you do it with such ease. In your relationships, you strive
to treat everyone equally and consistently. This helps you win the
confidence of others. You are a great, fair and just thinker because
of your Consistency talent.
The genius of your Developer talent begins with what you can see
in other people. You can see talents, strengths, and potential in
others that they often cannot see in themselves. But this is just
the beginning. You can also see what people can do to develop
their talents, strengths and potential. It is as if you see “stepping
stones” for moving people from where they are to higher levels of
development. But it doesn’t stop there. You become energized
and determined to stimulate people to move, grow and develop
to higher and higher levels of personal effectiveness. Next, you
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that you
Because you are a person of your word, people trust you. It is this determination, and motivation within you to make a significant
trust that bonds you to others and bonds others to you. Your ability
and lasting difference in the world. While others may consider
to build trusting relationships is foundational to any influence you egotistical this is not your motive. You want to make a
relationship. Therefore you tend to have a highly persuasive and significant difference because there is a lot wrong in the world
influential impact on people. This talent can be used in leadership and
you are trying to make the world better. At the same time,
as people will only willingly follow those they trust, and trust is you want to be recognized for the difference you make. But the
you have the genius to generate in others. The final
aspect difference you make is the driving force.
of the genius of your Responsibility theme involves the level of
commitment you can generate in others. This stems from the fact
make such deep commitments to others and from the fact
that you make such deep commitments to their full development The genius of your Strategic talent involves the way you think and
and personal fulfillment.
generate alternatives. When faced with a problem or a dilemma
you can quickly generate multiple alternatives to circumvent
obstacles that prevent your progress. Sometimes you think in a
backwards manner by first visualizing the outcome you want to
The genius of your Restorative talent is found in the way you can produce and then generating multiple alternative paths to get to
think and fix things. This is key to all problem solving. But your that objective. But your genius of Strategic doesn’t simply begin
ability to fix goes beyond patching things together. The way you and end with generating alternatives. The real genius of this
restore things involves bringing them back to life. Accordingly, strength is found in the way that you can quickly sort through
you can have a restorative effect on relationships and in fact, entire the various alternative paths and determine the one that will work
organizations. The genius of your Restorative strength is that you
best and most efficiently.
are so good at figuring out what is not working, resolving that,
and then guiding people to a way of being healthy and highly Woo
The genius of your WOO talent involves the impact you can have
Self Assurance
on other people and the ease with which you can win them over.
You have an incredible ability to meet new people and almost
The genius of your self assurance talent begins with your confidence.
magically know what to say in order to draw others out. Other
You have a quality that is often called resilience. This means that people love the attention you give them and the way that you can
you can “bounce back”. Accordingly, you have an attitude that no
affirm a person so quickly. Of course you love the
matter what happens to you; you will in fact “bounce back” and
the challenge of meeting new people. And people love it when
quite probably reach higher heights even If you momentarily fail.
you connect with them. The genius of this talent is that you can
The genius here is that you not only have confidence, but an inner
not only quickly connect with people but you can be a catalyst in
compass for deciding what you need to do and how you need to
helping people connect with one another. Make no mistake about
do it.
it, when you enter a crowd the crowd will be different because
you were there. In fact, you have the capacity to transform a
crowd of disconnected people into a group and this is no small
The genius of your Significance talent begins and ends with the
difference you are determined to make. You cannot stand the
thought of living and dying and there being no difference. You
are bound and determined to make a difference and you want
that difference to be significant. There is great energy, power,
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Bonbnterpreta nola
The genius of your Arranger talent begins with what you can see and
perceive. You can see patterns and perceive how things go together
or could
go together. Whereas most people only see things as
isolated items, you see groupings and connections. The genius of
your arranger perception comes to light in that you can take many
different items, bits of information, factors, people, and/or events
and then see patterns among and between them. This enables and
empowers you to arrange items, facts and information, people, and
the many things that must come together for successful events
and activities. You are a genius at coordinating people and events
because of your Arranger talent. Accordingly you can “multi-task”
like few others. You can deal with chaotic situations by seeing
how to combine and coordinate as you will see connections and
linkages. But the ultimate genius of your Arranger talent is seen
in what you do after you have completed a project. You go
and arrange
rearrange in your mind what you did. This results
in increased effectiveness and efficiency each time you use your
you have even more clarity of thought about what needs to be
done when there is an emergency. You have the courage to step
in and take charge when people are threatened and when there
are threatening circumstance. In emergencies, you have clarity,
a willingness to voice your ideas and people appreciate your
willingness to step up and confront dangers. In these situations
you will impact all around you. Similarly, you are willing to see the
way through conflicts and misunderstandings by bringing to light
what is often hidden. While some get nervous because you can be
so powerful, everyone is grateful when your strength of command
addresses emergencies, crises, conflicts, and danger.
arranger talent.
The genius of your Communication talent is found in the profound
fact that you can find words for your thoughts and your feelings.
Whereas many people have lots of good ideas, they often stumble
in finding the words that
their good thoughts.
Even more people suffer from not being able to find the words
that best describe and transmit their feelings. Yet, you can do this
with ease. But the genius of your Communication talent doesn’t
end with your ability to find words for your thoughts and feelings.
You can find words for the thoughts and feelings of others. This
means that in interactions, you can help other people express their
thoughts and feelings as is seen in the way that you can often
complete people’s sentences or find the word that they cannot
find in expressing their feelings. As a result of these aspects of
the genius of your Communication talent, you can form deep,
meaningful and bonded relationships and help others do the same.
The genius of your Belief talent starts with the fact that you
have some very deeply-held beliefs about what is true, what is
unchanging, and what can be, and always will be, dependable.
These beliefs go very deep. They provide personal power to
stand strong no matter what. This is central to your character.
But the genius of your Belief strength is what results from those
beliefs. From your beliefs, you generate meaning, purpose and
direction for your life and all you do. This meaning, purpose and
direction translate into a tremendous amount of power, drive and
motivation within you. So long as you
life around
your deepest values and beliefs, you will experience motivation,
drive, and determination to make monumental impacts in the
lives of individuals as well as groups and organizations.
The genius of your Competition talent begins with the tremendous
drive and determination within you. You want to succeed.
You demand success for yourself and you measure that success in
terms of where you stand in comparison to others. For you, second
place is sometimes seen as another word for “loser”. But the drive
to win, succeed and achieve isn’t focused on you alone. This can be
a basis for leadership and impacting the lives of others. First, your
“win attitude” is a model for others. Second, your competition is
often turned into being a source of inspiration for others. And
finally, you can use your competition talent to stimulate others
The genius of your Command talent begins with the fact that
you can and will impact others, and you will do so with great
power. Your genius strength of Command gives you great courage
to boldly enter into a crisis and dangerous situations. It is as if
Sa 1 2
are particularly perceptive in noticing even the smallest amount
of progress people make as they grow and develop. This leads to
your mirroring back to people their progress. Accordingly, you
are a great source of encouragement and a stimulator of personal
progress as you can see ahead of time what people can become and
as you note their
The great thing about all of this is how
alive you become as you stimulate others with your Developer
The genius of your Focus talent begins with what you can do with
your mind. You can focus your attention to an unusual level of
concentration. That concentration enables you to amass facts
and information, read with clarity of understanding, and solve
problems with great precision. You can concentrate to the extent
that people may come into a room you are in, and you may not
hear or see them. While others pride themselves with their ability
to multi-task, you know that for you, you are most productive
when you concentrate on one thing at a time. Your focusing talent
results in prolonged concentration to address and solve complex
problems and planning processes. You learn in great depth, and
because of your focusing, when you learn, plan and solve problems,
your recall is remarkable.
The genius of your Discipline talent involves your level of personal
productivity and the accuracy with which you produce things.
Your level of productivity and your level of accuracy stem from the
way you can structure tasks and your environment. This ability to
structure is key to you being productive and to your accuracy. You
can take complex tasks with multiple stages and identify the steps
needed to complete the tasks. Next, you structure the environment
and organize the actions needed to complete the tasks. Finally,
you begin organizing, re-organizing and structuring each action
step that must be complete in order to produce things accurately.
Finally, the genius of your discipline talent identifies the fastest
and mot efficient methods while maintaining the highest quality.
The genius of your Futuristic talent begins with
ability to see the future. Your ability to envision the future
provides an unusual and creative way of planning and problem
solving. When confronted by a problem, you will envision where
you are heading and then structure your problem solving so that
each solution provides a stepping stone into the future. Likewise,
all planning is done in light of the visions you have about the
future. Of course your futuristic talent genius gives you a powerful
basis for leadership. As Robert Greenleaf noted long ago, the great
leader has a ready answer to the profound question: “What are you
trying to do?” You know what you are trying to do because your
futuristic talent gives you clear pictures of the future you want to
build. Never forget that your visions of the future will excite the
imagination of others and they will be inspired because of what
your genius of Futuristic can help them see. Make your visions
known to everyone because they give others hope and optimism.
The genius of your empathy talent involves your ability to form
high quality, deep, personal understanding and relationships
with others. You have an unusual and beautiful ability to feel
into what it feels like to be another person You can often feel
what someone else feels without them saying a word. As a result,
you can form very close, intimate relationships with people. The
genius of Empathy has profound effects on others because they
feel so deeply understood. Many people feel like they come
healthier and more at peace being in your presence because your
understanding of people goes beyond the words they can find to
express themselves. While it may be hard on you to hear the pain
of others, they will feel deeply indebted to you because you can
understand them at such profound levels. The genius of empathy
makes you a great lover of other people and they are fortunate to
you as a friend,
The genius of your Harmony talent stems from what you can see
and how you respond to what you see. First, you can see where
people can come together when they are in conflict. Often those
in conflict are absolutely blind to how to resolve their conflicts
because their differences seem so insurmountable. But you can
often see where people in conflict could come together and resolve
have you
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