Guiding Coalition Recommendations

Terrell McGhee
MBA 699
Strategic Opportunity Mgmt


The success of an exit strategy is often influenced by the coalition team set up by the organization to spearhead the change initiative and deliver results. The most critical part of building a coalition team is identifying key individuals with social and leadership skills to warrant effective communication in an organization and providing feedback to the managers about how other stakeholders feel about the proposed change. To this end, this paper identifies individuals within one of the largest Life Science Organizations in the Midwest to form a coalition team that will initiate, lead and sustain the exit strategy and provides recommendations to the board of directors on the proposed sale of the organization.


The employee person report provides critical information about different individuals, their position, and the influence they have in shaping the organization. Therefore after reviewing this report, four individuals have been selected to form the guiding coalition. These individuals have demonstrated that they can influence others and are committed to having a beneficial impact while directing the change efforts. When building a team to operate as a guiding coalition, it is important to consider four crucial criteria to ensure that the team is effective. These four qualities are leadership, expertise, power, and creditability. To this effect, the five individuals to constitute a guiding coalition are:

i. Omar Mattsson, Manufacturing Director
ii. Elain Hartwick, Acting Director
iii. John Martensson, Research Director
iv. Chris Bottling, Sales Executive


The four individuals identified above have demonstrated through their positions that they have the leadership and social qualities which are integral in guiding the coalition to provide recommendations to the board of directors. The qualities and experience of each coalition team member are described below to justify their suitability.
Omar Mattsson, Manufacturing Director

a. Has worked in the Life Science Organization for three years
b. He manages 12 manufacturing plants with 580 employees
c. Has the highest job satisfaction of 4 points.
Omar joined the Life Science Organization due to an acquisition and expresses satisfaction with how the integration has proceeded successfully. Omar is a highly successful manufacturing director who has established the firm’s distribution network in the Middle East, and his strategies have proven successful. This track record positions Omar as an invaluable resource to the guiding coalition, having experienced the exit strategy before when he joined the company.

(ii) Elain Hartwick, Acting Director

a. Has worked in the organization for ten years
b. Has high job satisfaction scoring 3 points
c. Managers 18 senior managers
Elaine Hartwick has a reputation for being a strong le2


Alternative Buyer Research Report and Acquisition Road Map

Terrell McGhee
Strategic Opportunity Mgmt


In readiness to sell our Life Science Organization in the Midwest, this paper evaluates the alternative potential buyer as a contingency plan should the original buyer bolt out. The VP president of our organization has identified some potential buyers; as such, this report evaluates these buyers to identify one acquirer that will enable our organization to implement an exit strategy. To achieve the objective and meet the expectations of our VP, this report will focus on one potential buyer to identify its operational capacity, strategic goals, financial clout, and industry competitiveness. Based on the analysis done before to identify the companies in the pharmaceutical and medicine industry based on the NAICS code, this report proposes Johnson &Johnson as the potential alternative acquirer of our organization. To reinforce the acquisition plans, this report will also formulate the road map highlighting the steps and measures to ensure a successful exit strategy for our Life Science Organization in the Midwest.

Alternative Buyer Analysis- Johnson & Johnson Company

Current Market

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational pharmaceutical, medical device, and consumer packaged goods manufacturer headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company has grown to become one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, with operations in over 60 countries (Johnson &Johnson(n.d) 2022). Johnson & Johnson is well-known for its consumer healthcare products, including Band-Aid bandages, Listerine mouthwash, Neutrogena skin care products, and Tylenol pain relievers. The company also has a strong presence in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, producing drugs to treat diabetes, HIV, asthma, arthritis, and other medical conditions and medical devices such as contact lenses, hip implants, and heart stents. The company has an extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical products, including treatments for cancer, diabetes, and infectious diseases. Johnson & Johnson is also a leader in developing novel therapies, such as gene and cell therapy. Over the past few years, Johnson & Johnson has invested heavily in developing new treatments for various diseases. For instance, the company has a footprint in digital health, developing products such as connected medical devices and digital health solutions.
Johnson & Johnson serves a wide range of customers in both the consumer and healthcare industries. Consumers of Johnson & Johnson products include individuals, families, and retailers. In the consumer sector, their products are sold in supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchants, and other retail establishments. Their customers include hospitals, healthcare professionals, managed care organizations, the government, and other healthcare providers in the healthcare sector. Johnson & Jo1/8/23, 1:49 PM MBA 699 Project Guidelines and Rubric – MBA-699-Q2927 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt 22TW2

https://learn.snhu.edu/d2l/le/content/1202966/viewContent/21559241/View 1/11

MBA 699 Project Guidelines and Rubric

MBA-699-Q2927 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt 22TW2 TM




1/8/23, 1:49 PM MBA 699 Project Guidelines and Rubric – MBA-699-Q2927 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt 22TW2

https://learn.snhu.edu/d2l/le/content/1202966/viewContent/21559241/View 2/11


In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:

Manage stakeholder rela�onships to sustain a compe��ve advantage

Align and integrate a short-term goal with a strategic plan

Create a change management strategy


You are a business development manager repor�ng to the vice president (VP) of business development at one of the largest life

sciences organiza�ons in the Midwest. While the organiza�on has shown constant growth and profitability since its incep�on in

1999, the owners have decided that it is �me to sell. Given the current uncertainty in global markets, the organiza�on’s board of

directors is not convinced that this is the right approach.

While work was underway to find a poten�al buyer, the VP called on you to join the strategic planning team to assess the

organiza�on’s exit strategy and make recommenda�ons to its board of directors. You have been working closely with your strategic

planning team to make some ini�al analyses and recommenda�ons to help plan for the sale of the organiza�on.

As part of the planning team, your first task was to select people from your organiza�on to build a guiding coali�on to help the

organiza�on transi�on during and a�er the acquisi�on.

Then, you were asked to analyze one of the organiza�on’s core strengths, its talented pool of employees. This included analyzing the

a�ri�on data to understand why employees have le� the organiza�on and recommending ways to ensure employee stability in the

future. This essen�al informa�on will be provided to poten�al acquirers to assure them of the organiza�on’s ability to retain talent.

While planning was underway, your first poten�al buyer started to get cold feet. So, you were asked to research an alterna�ve buyer

and build a con�ngency plan. This con�ngency plan is an important part of your exit strategy and your report to the board of

directors. You and your team were also asked to formulate an acquisi�on road map that lays out the ac�on steps and �melines for

the plan.

Now that the ini�al analysis and plans are complete, your VP is ready to make the presenta�on to the board of directors. The VP has

asked you to prepare a formal report that you will send to the board prior to the presenta�on. This report will include the analyses


Employee Attrition Analysis Report

Terrell McGhee

MBA 699

Strategic Opportunity Mgmt


Employee retention is a very vital yet expensive exercise in every organization. It will be more expensive to hire and train new employees than to retain the existing ones who already have experience in their respective roles. Employee attrition implies losing employees through retirement, resignation, retrenchment, or firing (Alduayj & Rajpoot, 2018). Talents are very scarce, and one of the organization’s exit strategies was to examine the likelihood of retaining valuable employees. This report determines some of the factors that lead to employee attrition to aid in strategically drawing plans to maintain the employees of the life science organization.

Current Employee Demographics


According to the given dataset, the age distribution is shown in Table 1. Analysis showed that the average age of the current employees was approximately 38 years. The youngest employee in the organization was 18 years while the oldest was 60 years old, with a standard deviation of 8.89 years.

Table 1: Age


The organization does discriminate on gender during employment. Employees are hired based on their ability to handle their tasks to achieve the organization’s set goals and objectives. According to Figure 1, the number of males employees, around 58.72% (
n = 732), was slightly higher compared to females, 41.28% (
n = 501). A pie chart was suitable in this case to visually represent nominal groups, which aids the investors and willing buyers to quickly asses gender distribution in the organization.

Figure 1: Gender

Marital Status

Figure 2 shows the analysis of the marital status of the organization’s employees. According to the study, about 294 employees reported having divorced, while 589 were married and 350 were single. This can be a significant determinant to examine the mobility of every employee when the need arises. A column chart was utilized since it shows the distribution of employees in the three marital status categories. One can easily compare the groups accordingly to make well-informed decisions.

Figure 2: Marital Status

Education Levels

Education is one of the most significant factors to consider during tasks assignment and promotions. Those with higher education levels are expected to be more skilled in their respective fields and can handle tasks with less supervision. According to Figure 3, most current employees (n = 473) hold undergraduate degrees, followed by graduate degrees (
n = 340). Those with associate degrees were 238, and high school level was 139. The least was in the doctorate category (
n = 43). A column chart best represents the counts in every education level and efficiently helps build comparisons between groups.

Figure 3: Education level

Working Experience

The organizat

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