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Imagine the following: Now that you have completed your review of the Stevens District Hospital Strategic-Planning Scenario in previous weeks’ assignments, you have been asked to give a presentation to the hospital’s governing board. This board is comprised of the hospital’s president, 4 business leaders from the community, and 3 medical staff leaders.

Assignment Preparation

Use components from your previous weeks’ assignments for this assignment and
update them with faculty feedback you received.

Assignment Directions

Create a 12- to 16-slide presentation, including detailed speaker notes, for the hospital’s governing board in which you summarize your analysis and goals created. In your presentation:

· Provide an overview of the market.
· State the mission statement and vision statement for Stevens District Hospital.
· Provide the SWOT analysis.
· Summarize the strategic goals created for Stevens District Hospital, including the rationale for the goals.
· Describe itemized resources that may be needed.
· Explain how the strategic plan provides focus and direction for Stevens District Hospital.

Cite references to support your presentation.

Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines.Running Head: STEVENS DISTRICT HOSPITAL CASE STUDY

Stevens District Hospital Case Study

Chantal Taylor

Amy Shoales

HCS 499




To be deeply committed to our communities, we enhance population health and well-



Deliver an exceptional experience with every encounter.

Reason for selection of above mission and vision statements

The mission and vision statement are relevant to the hospital and dependent on the

SWOT analysis of the hospital. Take, for instance, the mission statement. The mission statement

goes beyond just providing high-quality healthcare. The mission recognizes the community that

the hospital serves. As a mission statement, this shows that the hospital embraces not just health

but also the culture of those it serves. By focusing on the community, it is identified that the

hospital manages the health issues of the immediate community while respecting their cultural

beliefs and norms.

The vision statement helps to break the perception that the hospital only works for people

from the immediate community. The vision statement identifies that the hospital is committed to

offering exertional medical services in every case of an encounter with anyone who comes for

treatment. This vision statement shows that one is optional to be from the immediate community

to get the highest quality health services. Provided someone has settled for Stevens District

Hospital to get medical attention, they are assured of the highest medical services.

Strengths of the mission statement

The mission statement is strong because it represents a strong corporate social

responsibility. The mission statement identifies Stevens District Hospital as an institution

focused on working to benefit the immediate environment and the immediate community. The

Amy Shoales
Good rationale, nice work showing an understanding of Stevens in this discussion.


second strength of the mission statement is its establishment of loyalty among members of the

immediate community. Since the mission statement recognizes the immediate community as a

very important stakeholder of the hospital, it becomes easy for Stevens District Hospital to

establish and enjoy loyalty from people around. This is good for a business case because it would

increase the hospital’s traffic and revenue.

Strengths of a vision statement

The vision statement sounds good to attract donors for the hospital (Marten & Sullivan,

2020). Since the government does not fund Stevens District Hospital, it would be hard to operate

without donors. The vision statement shows how the hospital is concerned with everyone who

visits them for medical attention. Donors would use this as a good approach to public health, and

they would contribute towards financing the hospital’s operations.

Weakness of mission statement

The mission statementRunning Head: District Hospital Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

Stevens District Hospital Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

Chantal Taylor

Instructor Amy Shoales

HCS 499


District Hospital Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

Purpose for Conducting a SWOT analysis for Stevens District Hospital

A SWOT analysis is a tool used to evaluate a company’s strengths, weaknesses,

opportunities, and threats. It is a way of taking an in-depth look at the organization and its

environment to determine the best way to move forward. In the case of Stevens District

Hospital, a SWOT analysis can be used to assess the hospital’s current situation and to

identify areas of potential growth and improvement (Benzaghta,2021).

The strengths of Stevens District Hospital are its accreditation by The Joint

Commission, its low volume of medical malpractice claims, and its aggressive quality-

management program. The weaknesses of the hospital include a limited number of state

medical school graduates and a lack of external funding from government agencies. The

opportunities available to the hospital include an increase in the number of patients with

chronic diseases, the addition of a new automotive manufacturing plant, and the potential to

attract more physicians (Swaidi,2022). The threats that the hospital faces include competition

from Hanover County Hospital, the presence of a retail pharmacy instant clinic, and changes

from the Affordable Care Act.

By conducting a SWOT analysis, the hospital can gain a better understanding of its

current situation and identify what steps it needs to take in order to move forward. With this

information, the hospital can develop a strategic plan to address its weaknesses, capitalize on

its strengths, take advantage of opportunities, and mitigate potential threats. A SWOT

analysis can help the hospital to identify areas for improvement and develop an action plan to

achieve its goals.

Amy Shoales
What are the pros and cons of involving stakeholders in the process?

Are there any downsides to involving a group of stakeholders in this process? You needed to look at both the pros and cons of performing SWOT as an individual versus a group.

Amy Shoales
Nice overview of the purpose of SWOT analysis

District Hospital Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis table

Strengths Weaknesses

Internal Factors

1. Low volume of medical

malpractice claims

2. Accredited by The Joint


3. Comprehensive range of

acute care services

4. Aggressive quality-

management program

5.High percentage of

population with college


1. Lack of external funding from

government agencies

2. Limited number of state medical

school graduates

3. Lagging elements in HCAHPS

scores in inpatient patient satisfaction

and primary-care patient satisfaction

4. Low market share

External factors


1. Increase in popul1

Stevens District Hospital’s Strategic Goals

University of Phoenix

Chantal Taylor

Instructor Amy Shoales




The Steven’s District Hospital is a non-profit facility that has a total of 162 beds and

provides acute treatment as well as other core inpatient and outpatient services. The Joint

Commission has granted the hospital accreditation, despite the fact that it does not receive any

extra funds from either the state or the federal government. The Stevens District is one of three

companies that compete for customers in this highly competitive industry. Following an

examination of previous performance reports as well as a SWOT analysis, the following are

some objectives that have been suggested for the hospital.

Economic Goal

Due to its status as a non-profit organization, Steven’s District Hospital is exempted from

paying federal tax and is required to follow all applicable IRS rules and regulations (IRS) At

least once every 3 years, Stevens District Hospital must conduct a Community Health Needs

Assessment to identify unmet healthcare needs in the area and create actionable strategies to

address them (Yeager, 2019). According to the latest performance report, rates of major chronic

illnesses including diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease will skyrocket over the next five


Economic Goal:

Provide low-income persons in the market with access to screening services, academic

resources, and accommodation alternatives as a social benefit to alleviate socioeconomic and

health factors and reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases including diabetes, obesity, and

cardiovascular disease.

Amy Shoales
By what date should all of this occur? Without some type of measure or end date different people may work at different rates on this project. One may think things need to be done by summer and another may be thinking the ‘go-live’ is December.



A Community Health Needs Assessment will be conducted every 3 years at the Hospital,

as required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the continuation of the facility’s tax-

exempt status. There will also be a second look at chronic illness forecasts to see whether

anything has changed because the community benefit program began and to see what, if any,

preventive steps may be taken. Before the end of the fiscal year, we’ll be revising our strategic

strategy (Yeager, 2019).

Mission and Vision Alignment:

The expansion of community and health welfare services in the competitive market will

help Steven’s District Hospital realize its objective of being a “one-stop-shop” for treatment,

which is in line with the facility’s ultimate purpose. Incorporating new family/specialty doctors

and expanding existing medical services such as cardiology and oncology would all be bolstered

as a result.

Financial Goal

According to the most up-to-date planning/pStevens District Hospital Strategic-Plan

Students Name

In an effort to improve the community’s health as a whole, the Stevens District Hospital is committed to providing medical treatment of the greatest possible quality to its patients. The mission of the hospital is to provide patients from all over the county with the highest quality of care that is humanly possible (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services., 2017). The mission of Stevens District Hospital, along with its vision for the future, is the framework upon which the hospital’s overall strategy.
The purpose and vision statements of Stevens District Hospital are consistent with the hospital’s goal to enhancing the overall health of the community and to providing medical care of the highest possible quality (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services., 2017). The declarations serve as the foundation for the strategic approach that the Stevens District Hospital will pursue moving ahead and offer the basis for the strategic approach.
The following proclamation will serve as the mission statement for the Stevens District Hospital: “To improve health by providing care of the greatest possible standard.” One of the most important criteria that went into the organization’s selection was the fact that its mission statement is centered on making the community as a whole healthier and happier (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services., 2017). The fact that this mission statement places a priority on enhancing the health of the community as a whole and providing care that is on par with industry standards is one of the distinguishing elements that sets it apart from other mission statements (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services., 2017). One further characteristic that sets this mission statement apart from others is that it aspires to deliver medical assistance of the best possible standard. The flaws in this mission statement are that it does not emphasize the hospital’s focus on providing patients with an exceptional experience, nor does it show the hospital’s dedication to the community, which are both important aspects of the hospital’s goal (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services., 2017). The hospital’s focus on providing patients with an exceptional experience and its dedication to the community are both important aspects of the hospital’s goal. Neither of these two absences is mentioned in any way that is particularly important.
The following proclamation will function as the mission statement for Stevens District Hospital: “Provide the best level of service that is accessible throughout the county.” The fact that this vision statement places primary emphasis on providing the county with the greatest possible level of service was a primary factor that contributed to its selection as the best alternative. This was one of the primary reasons why it was chosen (American Hospital Association, 2017). The benefits of this particular visio

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